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Waterproofing – Costarchem is a world leader in the delivery of tailored Construction Chemicals and Waterproofing, combining high-quality products, expert technical support, customer service, and innovation.
Costar Building Product system was founded Decades ago, and we have been producing innovative construction chemicals that help gives strength and increase the life span of a modern building.

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We are now live at Port Harcourt and Ivory Coast

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Certified and Qualified

As a company we are registered and certified by various parts of the Government. CostarChem pride ourselves on assuring all certifications are current and in line with Government legislation.

Expert Team

We have experienced technical team who suggest solutions and budget by inspecting your project. They will also ensure your finished project being unique, innovative and finished to the highest standards.


Our site engineer and project coordinator will monitor the work quality proactively. We have trained labor to take part any type of work.

Results driven

We believe in result that's why we give guarantee for our products and the work we do. We give high quality product and services.


Trust is the most valuable thing to us. we want to be the most reliable service provider in our business, so we want to win your trust as a reward of excellent job

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What Our Clients are Saying

Reading through our clients’ Testimonials is probably a piece of evidence that we deliver great QUALITIES


Average Сustomer Rating
I buy from Costar, they have a range of concrete solutions which are pocket friendly and you have value for money. I have no regrets. Also, customer service is first to none, easily accessible at any time of the week. Costar representing Africa constructions.
Taiwo Adelani
Civil Engineer
Costarchem Nigeria is a top notch company, They are very swift, very good, and very responsive, Even in transportation from the factory, the warehouse to the final destination, we do get prompt response. There is no problem at all. They are always ready to serve you.
Site Engineer
We Believe That CostarChem Construction Chemical Offered the best value for The Overhaul and New Entrance For Our Building. We Highly Recommended CostarChem Construction Chemical Company Ltd. Dealing with CostarChem Construction is the best.
Russel Drou