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  • Conseal 100

    Conseal 100

    Conseal 100 is a solvent-free, flexible acrylic emulsion coating designed for sealing and waterproofing roofs, walls, and other wet areas. The surface is a hard-wearing and durable coating recommended for concrete, masonry, asphalt, metal, and other similar surfaces. The coating is also recommended as a textured architectural finish coat for internal and external surfaces including blue board, cement sheet, brick, and concrete walls. The coating can be supplied in a range of decorator colour.


    • Excellent colour retention
    • Water & weatherproof performance
    • Excellent ultraviolet light resistance
    • Resistant to frost and thawing salts
    • Excellent adhesion and mold/fungus resistance
    • High build coating for porous and uneven surfaces
    • Water vapor permeable
    • Improved hardness and flexibility
    • Range of colors available

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  • Conseal 220

    Conseal 220

    Conseal 220 is a water-based, polyurethane hybrid waterproofing membrane that cures to a permanently flexible seamless membrane with good adhesion to a wide range of substrates. Unlike more traditional bitumen-based products, Conseal 220 does not brittle with age, exposure to ultraviolet radiation, or weathering, and hence it does not crack or craze due to its’ flexible properties.


    • Suitable for use on many porous substrates including fiber cement, concrete, render brickwork, render, and plasterboard.
    • It can be used to water/damp proof basements, kitchens, bathrooms, balconies and decks, shower recesses, repair and restoration of leaking roofs as well as a damp proof membrane in sandwich panel construction.
    • It is also suitable for Deck areas & is also used in planter boxes and retaining walls as long as it is protected by drainage.

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  • CONSEAL 250

    Conseal 250

    CONSEAL 250 is a revolutionary single component permanently elastic Polyurethane waterproofing membrane which after polymerization forms an elastomeric polyurethane membrane, resisting UV rays and capable of handling building movements.

    Once cured CONSEAL 250 allows for expansion and contraction over a broad temperature range and maintains waterproofing properties under continuous exposure to water. It may be applied easily on different surfaces (concrete, mortar, brick, ceramics, bituminous membranes, steel, zinc, Aluminum).


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  • Conseal 270

    Conseal 270

    Conseal 270 is two components, solvent-free, liquid applied polyurethane-based waterproofing coating which when mixed together, forms a high-performance seamless elastomeric waterproofing. It increases the wear and abrasion resistance of treated surfaces.


    • Solvent-free, cold-applied
    • When applied, forms a seamless leak-proof membrane
    • Excellent Crack bridging Properties
    • Excellent adhesion to almost any surface
    • Waterproofed surface provides excellent weather resistance and UV resistance
    • Outstanding mechanical properties
    • Does not need the use of open flames (torch) during application.
    • High tensile strength and elongation
    • High abrasion resistance and excellent chemical resistance
    • Ideal for applications in both new and old substrates

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  • Conseal 300

    CONSEAL 300 is a pure bitumen emulsion, with excellent elastic properties used for long-lasting waterproofing. It is a single component liquid that dries to form a black flexible coating.

    Areas of Use

    • Waterproofing of Foundations
    • Waterproofing of Retaining Walls
    • Under-tile Waterproofing in Bathrooms, Terraces, Roofs, etc.
    • Waterproofing of Roofs with inverted insulation
    • Waterproofing of Asphalt- and Bitumen-felts, etc.

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  • Costar 1K

    Costar 1K is a blend of Portland cement, well-graded quartz sand, and polymer enhanced chemical ingredients which when mixed with water, forms a waterproof coating for concrete surfaces. It can be used above or below the grade.


    • Easy application
    • Polymer modified
    • Excellent resistance to strong hydrostatic pressure, both negative and positive sides
    • Excellent freeze/thaw resistance


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  • Costar 2B

    Costar 2B

    Costar 2B is a two-component bitumen-based elastic and quick dry membrane that adheres firmly to the applied surface and forms an elastic waterproof layer.


    • Horizontal and Vertical Application
    • Areas where higher resistance to water pressure on the cracked surfaces is required.
    • For wet areas such as bathroom, kitchen, balcony, toilets, etc

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  • Cementitious Waterproofing Membrane

    Costar 2K

    Costar 2k is a two-component waterproofing membrane with tough-elastic properties suitable for both positive and negative side waterproofing of interior and exterior concrete and masonry surfaces.

    Application Areas

    • Indoor and Outdoor
    • Horizontal and vertical application
    • All wet areas such as bathrooms, swimming pools, terraces, kitchen, water tanks, balcony, etc.

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  • Costar 2k flex

    Costar 2K Flex

    Costar 2k Flex is a flexible two-component waterproofing membrane with tough-elastic properties suitable for both positive and negative side waterproofing of interior and exterior concrete and masonry surfaces.

    Application Areas

    • Indoor and Outdoor
    • Horizontal and vertical application
    • Wet areas such as bathroom, kitchen, balconies, water tanks, swimming pool, etc.
    • Roof, terraces, and roof gutters

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    Costar Polycoat

    Costar PolyCoat is formulated to be mixed with cement on-site or simply brush applied over concrete or masonry surfaces to provide an effective waterproof membrane. It provides an effective and economical method of waterproofing to concrete and masonry surfaces, by mixing with cement and application by brush.


    • Allows the concrete to breathe
    • Provides a tough, impermeable waterproof membrane
    • Can be easily applied on horizontal and vertical surfaces with a brush.
    • Excellent adhesion to concrete and masonry surfaces
    • Protects concrete and mortar from natural elements such as wind, rain, sunlight

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  • costar proshield 100

    Costar Pro Shield 100

    Costar Pro Shield 100 is a polymer-modified bituminous waterproofing membrane, manufactured from a mixture of bitumen and selected polymers, blended together to obtain good waterproofing properties. The bitumen compound also exhibits high heat and UV resistance properties.


    • Excellent resistance to water
    • Good flexibility
    • Can accommodate structural movements
    • Resistant to waterborne chemicals


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  • costar proshield IV

    Costar Pro Shield IV

    Costar Pro Shield IV is a self-adhesive polymer modified bituminous, waterproofing sheet membrane, laminated onto a tough HDPE film on one side and a silicone release film on the other.


    • Cold applied, self-adhesive, and easy to apply
    • Excellent adhesion to vertical and horizontal surfaces
    • Excellent resistance to chlorides, sulphates, dilute alkalis, and acids
    • Good tear and puncture resistance
    • Water and vapor proof

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    Krystal Coat

    Krystal Coat is a one-component crystalline waterproofing slurry that is specially designed to permanently waterproof both old and new concrete. It lowers the permeability of concrete and is used in place of surface-applied waterproofing membranes for improved durability and longevity of concrete.


    • Easy application, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective.
    • Potable water approved – NSF/ANSI 61Seals and post seals shrinkage cracks, up to 1/64″ (0.4 mm)
    • Can be applied to green concrete as soon as forms are stripped
    • Protects concrete against freshwater, saltwater, wastewater & aggressive groundwater
    • Resists strong hydrostatic pressure
    • Applied to positive or negative side water pressure

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