Our Story

COSTAR© is a world leader in the delivery of tailored Constructive Solutions for virtually any type of construction project, combining high-quality products, expert technical support, customer service, and innovation.

Costar Building Product system was founded Decades ago, and we have been producing innovative construction chemicals that help gives strength and increase the life span of a modern building.

Present Days

At the moment, we supply high-quality products to major construction companies and real estate projects.

With a global presence in United State, Turkey, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), and West African Countries such as Nigeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ghana, and we are making inroads into other countries. From our concrete admixtures, curing compounds, evaporated retardants, flooring products, expansion joints, concrete sealers, repair mortars, structural grout, and our extensive range of waterproofing products, Costar Building Products has all your construction needs covered.

From Highway construction to factory flooring, to waterproofing of commercial projects, Costar Building Products has been satisfying the needs of stakeholders in the building construction industry for decades. Our products are available worldwide through our network of authorized distributors and partners.,


Our Products Are Categorized Into:-


To be the preferred supplier of construction chemicals in every market we operate in Nigeria


To achieve client’s aspirations in the built environment through innovation and affordable solutions.



  • We promise and we deliver
  • We have a tolerance for an excuse


  • We match our actions with our words
  • We are honest about facts and information


  • We dare to be innovative
  • We take on big challenges and we see them through


  • We apply global demands in all we do
  • We do what is right in the right way all the time


  • We make things and people better than how we met them
  • We pay attention to all stakeholders