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  • Conseal 220

    Conseal 220

    Conseal 220 is a water-based, polyurethane hybrid waterproofing membrane that cures to a permanently flexible seamless membrane with good adhesion to a wide range of substrates. Unlike more traditional bitumen-based products, Conseal 220 does not brittle with age, exposure to ultraviolet radiation, or weathering, and hence it does not crack or craze due to its’ flexible properties.


    • Suitable for use on many porous substrates including fiber cement, concrete, render brickwork, render, and plasterboard.
    • It can be used to water/damp proof basements, kitchens, bathrooms, balconies and decks, shower recesses, repair and restoration of leaking roofs as well as a damp proof membrane in sandwich panel construction.
    • It is also suitable for Deck areas & is also used in planter boxes and retaining walls as long as it is protected by drainage.

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  • CONSEAL 250

    Conseal 250

    CONSEAL 250 is a revolutionary single component permanently elastic Polyurethane waterproofing membrane which after polymerization forms an elastomeric polyurethane membrane, resisting UV rays and capable of handling building movements.

    Once cured CONSEAL 250 allows for expansion and contraction over a broad temperature range and maintains waterproofing properties under continuous exposure to water. It may be applied easily on different surfaces (concrete, mortar, brick, ceramics, bituminous membranes, steel, zinc, Aluminum).


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  • Conseal 270

    Conseal 270

    Conseal 270 is two components, solvent-free, liquid applied polyurethane-based waterproofing coating which when mixed together, forms a high-performance seamless elastomeric waterproofing. It increases the wear and abrasion resistance of treated surfaces.


    • Solvent-free, cold-applied
    • When applied, forms a seamless leak-proof membrane
    • Excellent Crack bridging Properties
    • Excellent adhesion to almost any surface
    • Waterproofed surface provides excellent weather resistance and UV resistance
    • Outstanding mechanical properties
    • Does not need the use of open flames (torch) during application.
    • High tensile strength and elongation
    • High abrasion resistance and excellent chemical resistance
    • Ideal for applications in both new and old substrates

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