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    Costar PVC Waterstop

    COSTAR PVC Waterstop is extruded from a high-grade PVC compound which has been formulated to give excellent flexibility and longevity characteristics. They are available as straight lengths and factory-produced intersections or as a factory prefabricated segment of a network to minimize site jointing.

    Working Principles

    COSTAR PVC Waterstop is designed to provide an integral sealing system for movement and construction joints in concrete cast in-situ. These joints typically occur in the following types of structure.


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  • Costar Swellable Waterstop

    Costar Swellable Waterstop

    Costar Swellable Waterstop is a hydrophilic swelling water stop that exhibits excellent durability and water sealing capacity. It expands as it absorbs water and fills concrete joint gaps conforming to the gap variation, ensuring excellent sealing. It is suitable for use in Vertical and horizontal cast-in-place concrete joints where limited movement is expected. Costar swellable waterbar is ideal for new concrete structures or between new and existing concrete.


    • It is suitable for use in all kinds of cast-in-place concrete construction joints, as well as steel, concrete.
    • Tunnels, pits, Sewerage & water treatment plants
    • Pipe penetrationsSubway stations
    • Swimming pools and reservoirs
    • Basements etc.

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