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  • Aqualatex C10

    Aqualatex c10

    Aqualatex C10 is a high-quality viscous acrylic emulsion bonding agent used for concrete repairs, especially in areas where good adhesion is required. When mixed with a cement/sand or gravel combination, Aqualatex C10 becomes effective in patching and topping mortar. It is also designed for use as a polymer modifier in mortars and concretes to increased tensile, flexural, and bond strengths, magnitude resistance to water, and hydrolysis.


    • Reduces water permeability.
    • Can be used with virtually all types of cement.
    • Suitable for interior and exterior applications.
    • Reduce dry shrinkage.
    • Improve crack resistance.
    • Excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates.
    • Excellent resistance to abrasion, freeze/thaw cycles, chemicals, and Suitable for interior and exterior applications. deicing salts
    • Helps to bond old and new concrete together

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  • Costar SuperBond 10 - bonding agent

    Costar SuperBond 10

    Costar Superbond 10 is a waterproofer, Bonding agent, and bonding additive for use with Portland cement and sand to form high-strength mortars for the fixing of ceramic, wall, floor, marble, natural or arficial stone, etc.

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  • Costar Superbond 20

    Costar Superbond 20

    Costar Superbond 20 is a two-component epoxy bonding material ready for on-site mixing and use. The product is ideal for roads, bridges, pavements, loading bays, and factories, and for bonded or granolithic floor toppings. It is equally suited to internal and external applications. Costar Superbond 20 conforms to ASTM C881: Type II, grade 2, class C.


    • Easy-to-use for bonding/grouting applications
    • Can be applied on to dry or damp substrates
    • Exhibits high mechanical strength and bonding strength
    • Slow cure allows time to erect steel reinforcement and formwork
    • Excellent adhesion to most structural material

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